Kitten Saved from Shelter Finds New “Brother” Who Looks Just like Him, He Becomes Very Attached – PAWS PLANET

This is Unagi, a litter tabby kitten was saved from death in a heartbeat. He is living with a brother cat looks just like him.
A person who adopted Unagi, Suzume’s mother said that during her work break she was accidentally found a web page that a kitten who looks exactly like her cat, Suzume. And kittens can only be there for a week. She decided to rescue this kitten.
On 26 June, which was the deadline for the kitten, she took a day off from work and lhit the road to arrive Yamaguchi to rescue the kitten. After a trip to the vet, Unagi was taken to his new home. He was very afraid after the long ordeal and stayed in the carrier for a some time.
Unagi was a little larger than Suzume. Just like a small cat, Suzume was also rescued. When heard the meow coming from the living room, he ran. They saw each other and say hello to each other from a distance.
Owner puts cats into a space so they can get acquainted with each other. In that time, Suzume regularly find out the new friend and wanna know everything about him. When both of them become familiar with each other’s scents, they begin to interact more every day. Unagi follows Suzume everywhere around the house.
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This is Unagi!

“He was 2.5 months old and weighed 860 grams, a bit bigger than Suzume when I got him.”

“There’s no such thing called privacy!” says Unagi.

He squeezed himself into the bowl so he could cuddle with his best friend.

Watching little fishies and planning their next mischief!

Suzume was rescued when he was little. Perhaps he understands just what the little guy needs – love and a f

Though they are from different mothers, they have very similar markings and look almost identical.

Unagi found a little hidey spot and shared it with his brother.

Unagi is the happiest he can be when he has his brother by his side.

They are together every second of the day.