Here’s How I Imagine Animals Behave When You Aren’t Looking – PAWS PLANET

Julien Tabet is a talented 20-year-old digital artist from France whose works are characterized by a fantastic and surreal atmosphere. He loves to surprise people so he tries to reimagine animals in his unique works . He uses Photoshop to reimagine them and create a surreal world where everything is possible. “I feel that I can offer something fresh to their lives and break them out of their boring routine, by offering a perspective.” Julien said.
It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to create pieces like that. From zebras with stripes for wings to the entire ocean in a belly of a bear. Honestly, this has to be one of the most awesome works about animals we’ve ever seen.
Scroll down to enjoy some photos of animals that didn’t exist in Julien’s work! Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family!
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#1. Stormy

#2. Liberty

#3. Monarchy

#4. Temporary Beauty

#5. Hidden

#6. Symphony

#7. Responsability

#8. Reborn Cheetah

#9. Sport Coaches

#10. Escape This World