Caught on Camera: Police Dog Can’t Restrain His Love for Cop Companion

Police officers that rely on a canine officer creates a partnership made of trust and mutual respect.  This team was caught in a photo shoot which normally shows the serious partners posing for the picture, not this time.

During the official police department photos, Indiana Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi, prepared for the portrait by polishing their badges and dressing in their freshly pressed uniforms. What happened when the two sat down waiting for the snap of the camera was nothing less than the spirit of love in the moment.

Instead of serious, Kenobi quickly turned the photo session into a lick fest as you can see in the video below.   He can’t help himself!  He has to plant a few smooches on the cheek of Officer Knach, who is completely caught of guard.

We know the streets are much safer with this team on the job, and we are thankful for their service.

Watch the video below and see the partners in action. We triple dog dare you not to smile!

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